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Ọ Words for Nigerian
Igbo to English Translation

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A. B. CH. D. E. F.
G. GB. GH. GW. H. I.
Ị. J. K. KP. KW. L.
M. N. NW. NY. Ṅ. O.
Ọ. P. R. S. SH. T.
U. Ụ. V. W. Y. Z.






Continuous Meaning











 Ọ, O


 he; she; it


 Ọ bịago?

 Has he/she/it come?


 O jelụ afịa
Goat market meat

 He/she has gone to market


 ọ bụlụgoda

 if; even if; though


 ọ bụlụzịa

 if it happens; if it later happens that...


 ọ bụna, ọbụnada, ọ bụnadụ

 if; even; even if


 Biko nye m nwantịntị ego ọbụnada (ọ bụnadụ) kọbo

 Please give me some money, even a kobo


 Nnwa na-agụ m ọ bụraba nwaanyị

 I want a child, even a girl



 place where yams are stacked and stored; barn


 Jee wetalụ m ji naabọ n'ọba

 Go and bring me two yams from the barn

 ọji; oji

 Oji - Kola nut

 Kola nut (Kola nuts) {igbo kola nut; cola nuts; kolanuts}
Kola Nut is a symbol of Igbo hospitality. The Kola Nut symbolic process involves three main steps

  • The presentation of the kola nut.
  • The breaking of the kola nut.
  • The distribution of the kola nut


 Onye wetara ọji, wetara ndụ

 He who bring kola bring life!


 Ọji luo ụnọ okwuo ebe osi bia

 When the Kola nut reaches home, it will tell where it came from {breaking of kola nut} {Ihe di mma onye n'acho, o ga-afu ya - What ever good he is looking for, he will see it}

ọkwu ọto ekene eze

 Okwu oto ekene eze automobile car

he who would not bend or prostrate before the King {The best four wheeler automobile cars, that are being driven by Drug peddling, 419ers, Internet business deals and Political patronage people}







Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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