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Continuous Meaning














  move with an instrument; propel; hence, in a more abstract sense, cause





 kpa aka anị

 be mischievous; play tricks


 kpa akpa

 pick with an instrument


 kpa amụ

 cause laughter


 Ọ kpalụ amụ

 He made a joke


 O jị m akpa amụ

 He's making fun of me


 kpa bọọlụ

 dribble a ball



 scrape {e.g. roasted yam}; make neat


 kpacha anya

 do something purposely


 kpacha ji

 scrape yam


 kpachalụ anya

 be careful, warned, cautious; beware; take heed {clear the eyes}



  see kpapụ


 kpachapụ anya

 take care; be careful, vigilant



 bring out with an instrument; to pick out, expose, bring out by scraping



 be spread, strewn upon



  raise, lift up {with instrument}; stir up; provoke; incite


 kpani iwe

 provoke to anger


 Biko akpanikwona m iwe

 Please do not anger me



 make a small present; give a tip


 gịni ka ị kpanyelụ nwata bịalụ kene gị?

 What did you give the child who visited you?


 kpa oke

 make boundary; move {objects} aside to show demarcation


 okpụkpa anị

 making of boundary


 kpa oke anị

 make boundary between lands


 kpa ọchị

 cause laughter


 Ife o kwụlụ kpalụ ọchị

 His remark gave rise to laughter


 kpa ọkụ

 strike a match; turn on a light


 mkpa ọkụ, mkpa nọkụ




 shove off; brush off; set aside {normally with instrument}; pick out {with stick} and remove; push open by force, press open {e.g. burst door open}; push off {e.g. three persons lying on a bed, one of them being pushed off as a result of the others being selfish. The pushing is not done by the hand but by the body}


 Biko, kpapụ alịlị afụ ịlo

 Please take that millipede outside; push out {e.g. if one person is forced to leave house where he was living with others}



 scatter {with some care}; spread out {e.g. grains in sun, partly burnt firewood}



 spread wide open



 disturb; trouble; provoke



 excitement; provocation


 kpasu iwe

 provoke to anger; annoy


 Asị ya na-akpasu m iwe

 His lies make me angry, or I am indignant at his lies


 Ada kpasụlụ nne ya iwe

 Ada annoyed her mother


 Ọ bụ gịnị kpatalụ i jị gbaka iru n'ụtụtụ? Ọ bụ Ada kpasụlụ m iwe

 Why did you frown in the morning? It was Ada who annoyed me


 mkpasu iwe






 Ọ bụ gị kpatalụ ife e jị pịa m ịtalị n'ụtụtụ a

 You were the cause of my being flogged this morning








 {agwụ) kpa

 be mildly mentally deranged


 {ala} kpa

 be mad {be moved by madness}


 Ọọala na-akpa ị?

 Are you mad?



 gather; search for


 kpa afịfịa

 collect herbs


 kpa akụ

 search for palm-kernels in the farm {usually by children}


 Ụmụ aka ejego ịkpa akụ

 The children have gone in search of kernels


 mkpa akụ

 the search for kernels; play a board game like draughts


 Bịa solu m kpaa akụ

 Come and play a {board} game with me



 gather; collect



 gather together into; heap up



 gather and give or put into



 gather, collect {from different points but same area, e.g. farm} and bring


 Acholụ m ka ụnụ jee kpakọta nkụ

 I want you to go and fetch firewood


 kpa mkpa

 seek diligently; search for carefully e.g. kpa mkpa akụ search for palm kernels in the farm {usu. by children}


 kpa nkụ

 gather firewood


 kpa nni

 {of animals} wander about in farm, forest, etc., in search of food



 acquire; collect


 kpata akụ

 amass wealth


 kpata ego

 acquire money; pluck {leaves from plant}


 kpa akwụkwọ

 collect, pluck leaves {e.g. as herbalist}



  walk; move; {of humans} wander, walk about; {of animals} wander about


 kpa agwa

 behave {usually in a bad sense}


 kpa agwa ọjọo

 behave badly


 kpa ajọ ụkpa

 make bad or disagreeable friendship {e.g. as when a person is intimate with another person whose morality and ways are bad or questionable}; walk with criminals or suspects; keep bad company



 walk, wander in{to}



 go astray; stray and get lost



 negligence; going astray



 walk up; stray up



 a walk about; stroll; wander about



 walk together {of friends}





 kpakwudo, kpakwụdo

 encounter each other suddenly; overtake



 forsake; leave behind


 kpa ndu

 walk together; be companions; escort



 go out for a walk


 kpa ụkpa

 be friends, companions


 kpa ụkpa oriị

 be friends with a thief or thieves


 ọkpa nnaka ya, ọkpa nnịka ya

 person who is fond of going alone, who is never found going anywhere in company of friends; solitary person



 walk; friendship; communion





 kpa aghala

 cause disturbance


 kpa amụ

 jest; trifle; amuse






 insult; show disrespect to



 an insult


 kpa ṅgaṅga

 joke; be boastful


 kpa nkata

 talk; converse; chat


 Biko nye mụ na Ibe efe nime ụnọ ụla maka na anyị chọlụ ịkpa nkata nebe afụ

 Please leave the room for Ibe and myself, for we want to chat there



 show; teach; direct



 buy {oil}


 kpa manụ

 buy oil; rub oneself with something greasy


 kpa ụde

 rub on pomade, grease, ointment, cream



  rear {child, animals}


 Akpa m mkpa n'aka

 I am nursing a baby


 kpa ife enunu

 keep livestock


 kpa mkpa

 be few; scarce



  press together {in order to break or close up}



 suppression; compression


 kpa akpa = kpa mkpa

 be narrow, tight, pressed together, choked, crowded; restrict; oppress; ill-treat; deny freedom; capture; kidnap


 Fa akpalụgo eze anyị na mkpa

 Our chief has been kidnapped



 lock in or out



 lock up {many locks, doors, etc.}






 pile up; store; board; cover up {lit. press upon}



 intrude; force in between tight space; insert



 choke; suffocate; do wrong to; oppress; harass; trouble



 tribulation; oppression; trouble



 press open; unlock {with key}


 Biko kpagheelụ m ụzo

 Please unlock the door for me



 break; snap



 break, snap off



 break into two equal parts



 break and bring



 be tight or packed; sit close together so as to leave little or no space in between


 kpa mkpa

  See kpa akpa


 kpa ntị

 listen carelessly; pretend not to hear; be obstinate {lit. close ear}


 kpa ọnụ

 become, render speechless; be dumbfounded


 Ife Ada melụ nebe anyị jelụ kpalụ m ọnụ

 What Ada did where we went left me dumbfounded


 anya akpa

 goggling eyes


 {ọnụ} kpa

 lose appetite


 Ọnụ kpalụ m

 I have no appetite; be speechless; be unable to speak much, or at all


 ọnụ okpụkpa

 speechlessness; exhaustion; utter weariness



  be needful


 gịni na-akpa gị?

 What are you in need of?


 kpa mkpa

 need; have need; be necessary; compel


 Enyo anya na-akpa m mkpa ṅke nnukwu

 I am seriously in need of glasses



 need; necessity



  tie permanently; stack; plait; weave





 okpụkpa isiị

 plaiting of hair


 kpa akwa

 weave cloth


 kpa isi

 plait hair


 kpa ji

 stack yams {in the barn}


 kpa ṅkata

 make basket



  trim, cut {hair}



 trimming; cutting


 kpacha cut; trim;

 barb; crop


 kpacha ajị

 crop, shave, cut hair


 kpacha ajị anụ

 crop, shave, cut hair of animal


 kpacha isi

 barb; cut hair



 crop, cut, trim off



 cut, shave, etc., entirely


 kpachasị isi

 barb hair of head {less common than kpacha isi}


 kpa igwụ

 prepare palm fronds


  me kpakalakpakala

 be cranky and noisy {refers esp. to noise made by an old bicycle}





 kpakpaṅdo ụtụtụ

 morning star


 Na-agafe dịka kpa kpakpaṅdo ụtụtụ

 Passing away like the morning star {funeral hymn}



  concern oneself with; make friendly advances to; befriend

 kpalakwu kwu





  entirely; completely


 Alụchago m ọlụ afụ kpamkpam

 I have finished the work completely



  sound of knocking



  report; judge


 O kpelị m

 He reported me


 Aga m ekpe gi n'aka nna gị ukwu

 I shall report you to your master



 reporting; judging


 kpe ikpe

 judge a case



 judge unfairly; make unfair report








 ndị ikpe

 the judges



  pray; beg


 Ka anyị kpeelu Chineke

 Let us pray {unto God}


 O tego m jị ekpelu ya ka ọ rapụ m

 I have been begging him for a long time to leave me alone


 kpe ekpelu, ekpele

 say prayer; pray


 Ka anyị kpee ekpelu

 Let us pray








 kpe mmanụ

 smear with oil


 kpe ụgbọ

 steer canoe


 kpe azụ

 be last; bring up the rear


 ịkpe azụ

 the last thing


 Ife ịkpe azụ ị ga-eme bụ ije kute mmiịlị dọbe n'ụọ

 The final thing you should do is to fetch water and keep it in the house


 oge ịkpe azụ

 the last time; at the end of the time; at the end of the world


 ụbọsị ịkpe azụ

 the last day; the day of judgment


 bịakpe azụ

 come last



  backbite; slander; speak evil of {esp. indirectly and in the hearing of the person being slandered}








 kpe ịkpe

 backbite; slander; speak evil of. Much practised by the Egwu Ọja dancers many years ago. The soloist in the course of her singing spoke to evil-doers who had been committing evil in secret, e.g. a thief or people involved in adultery, thereby bringing their anti-social practices to light






 strip off {bark, skin, etc.}



 strip and take the bark



 strip off



 strip off bark {entirely}; pare {everything off}



  in circles


 Ọ na-agba kpelekpele

 It moves in circles


 kpị isi

 cut hair


 kpịcha isi

 cut hair very short



  gather; collect; pick



 gathering; collecting; picking


 kpo agbụgbọ

 collect decayed compost for application to the crops



  clear {rubbish, refuse}; rid a place {of rubbish, refuse, filth}


 Anyị na-akwadebe iwu ụnọ n'anị a na-ekpocha

 We are preparing to build a house on the place which is being cleared; purify woman after childbirth.


 kpocha isi

 be bald


 Nwoke afụ kpochalụ isi

 That man is bald



 clean away; exterminate


 kpochi onụnụ

 fill hole



  gather and throw away



 throwing away


 ife mkpofụ




 fill; gather and fill



 gather together; collect



 gather together; collect {in one place} {Emphasizes togetherness more than kpokọ}


 kpokọba {ọnụ)

  gather together; collect in one place



 gather together and carry away; collect


 Ekpokọlụgo m oloma dị nenu tebụlụ

 I have collected {and taken away} the oranges on the table


 kpo{lụ} ọsọ

 rush; run quickly {collect running}


 kponita, kponite

 gather up



 gather out


 kpo uzuzụ

 gather sand; play in and with sand {of children}


 kpo lịlịlị

 swarm {of bees}



 rush away



  be hot; smell pleasantly and hot {of well-prepared, spiced soup, mentholatum, etc.}; sting {of pepper}; hurt {of sting}


 kpo ekpo = kpo

  be hot; smell pleasantly and hot


 kpo nalanala

 be tepid, lukewarm; slightly warm, warmish, blood-hot, blood-warm, at room temperature, at skin temperature;


 kpo okpoofụfụ

 perspire; cause perspiration


 kpo ọkụ

 be hot; be lively {of season or place}






 spread upon



 cover up with words



 cover the body with clothes



 sweep upon





 kpopụ eze

 extract a tooth



  call; invite; summon; name



 calling; vocation


 kpọ afa

 call by name; name


 Kpọọ onye oriị afa

 Call the thief by name


 Aga m akpọ ya afa

 I shall call him by name


 Kpọọ ya afa

 Name him


 kpọ aghala, ayala

 be in an uproar


 Ada ana-akpọka aghala

 Ada is very fond of causing an uproar, or creating a disturbance


 kpọ asị

 hate; dislike


 Ịkpọ mmadụ ibe anyị asị bụ ṅjọ

 Hatred towards our fellow men is sin


 Akpọlụ m ya asị

 I hate him, or I dislike him


 Chukwu Nna, biko zọpụta anyị n'aka ndị niiịne na-akpọ anyị asị

 God the Father, please deliver us from the hands of all that hate us



 call in; welcome; admit



 call back; recall



 call near; bring near



 call up and out; escort up and out


 kpọ izu

 call meeting



 call together and take away {of humans and animals that are capable of following}


 Ọ bụlụ na ụnụ emechirọ ụzọ ọfụma nkịta m ga-abata kpọkọlụ ụmụ ya

 If you do not close the door properly my dog will come in and take away its puppies



 call upon; call to





 kpọ mụụ

 take mụọ when assuming duties of ọkpala; invite masquerade to a ceremony



 call home; take home


 kpọ nzụkọ

 call meeting


 kpọ okụ

 call; call by name


 kpọ omịmị akwa




 lead out


 Kpọpụta nwata afụ n'anwụ ọsọọsọ!

 Take the child out of the sun quickly!



 arouse; waken



 call upon; make noise


 mkpọtụ noise; uproar




 pronounce clearly


 ọkpọ na-akpọ okụ




 lead; take along; go with {all referring to something capable of self-movement}


 Ọ kpo mmadụ naabo

 He comes with two persons


 Onye ka ị ga-akpọ je egwu?

 Whom are you taking to the dance?


 Ọ kpọ nkịta bịa nzụkọ

 He came to the meeting with a dog



 be dry; {of certain fruits} be ripe





 kpọ akpọ

 be dry


 Wetalụ m ofu oko ọka kpọlụ akpọ

 Bring me a dry ear of corn


 kpọ anwụ



 mkpọ anwụ

 drought; extended dry season; severe dry season; long period without rain



 wither; dry up {completely}


 kpọ mbụ = kpọ mgbụ

 dry {e.g. of leaf}


 kpọ nkụ

 be dry


 Wetalụ m akwụkwọ kpọlụ nkụ

 Bring me a dry leaf


 Ọ bụlụ na ị ṅaa azụ ndụ afụ nọkụ ọ ga-akpọ nkụ ọsọ ọsọ

 If you place that fresh fish over the fire it will get dry quickly


 ọkpọn kụ




 dry up; shrivel; wither


 Ọ bụlụ na ị gbarọ ododo dị niru iịlọ mmiliị ọ ga-akpọnwụ

 If you do not water the flowering plant in front of the house it will wither


 akpịli ịkpọ nkụ

 intense thirst



  strike; knock; drive nail or stake in



  cut; abrade; stub {toe by knocking it against something}; cut asunder by placing sharp pointed instrument like an anvil on top and knocking its head with the hammer


 kpọbe ụkwụ

 knock and cut, hurt, stub the toes


 kpọbo anị

 level ground; break ground



 nail; fasten


 kpọdo n'obe

 crucify; nail on cross


 kpọ etụketụ



 Etụketụ na-akpọ m

 I have hiccoughs



 crucify; kill by nailing


 Onye a kpọgbụlụ n'obe

 The Crucified


 kpọ isi anị

 kneel and touch ground with head in humiliation and entreaty



 chop across grain



 knock in {nail, peg, etc.}



 fasten; knock completely in


 kpọ mkpụkpọ

 to drive {a peg into the earth}


 Ana m eje ịkpọ mkụkpọ n'oke mụ na Ịba

 I am going to put pegs along the boundary between Ịba and myself


 kpọ n'ụbu

 shrug the shoulders



 nail; drive a peg or skewer


 kpọ omịmị




 force open; open by perforating with pointed object; break ground {as shoot}


 kpọ ụkwụ

 stub the toes



 split; divide by splitting


 kpọ ụgba

 turn a somersault


 kpọwa isi

 part the hair



 rush, run away {permanently; one is less likely to come back than with kpọwa, which simply means run away}; take {snuff} {lit. strike in}


 kpọ anwụlụ

 take snuff


 kpọ ụtaba

 take snuff



  suffer blindness {as a result of the destruction of an eye or both eyes}; destruction of an eye or both eyes due to injury, disease, etc.


 Anya akpọgo nwoke afụ dalụ enu nkwụ

 The man who fell off the palm tree is now blind


 anya mkpọ




  buy, purchase {clothes, pottery}



 buy, purchase {clothes, pottery}


 Akpotalụ m akwa ọfụụ

 I bought a new cloth


 Ana m eje ịkpota ịte ọzọ

 I am going to purchase another pot


 kpọ ute

 buy mat



  expose; display


 kpọba afịa

 expose, display wares for sale


 kpọ ịfulu

 blossom; flower {kpọ ịgụgụ}


 kpọ ịgụgụ

 blossom; flower



  clear by setting fire to; burn


 kpọ anị

 clear ground by burning



 clear; clean by burning


 Jee kwanwue ọkụ a ga-eji kpọcha atụlụ a na-akwadebe igbu

 Go and make the fire with which the hair of the sheep that is about to be slaughtered will be burned off





 kpọnye ọkụ

 build up a fire; set fire to; burn off with fire


 Anyị chọlụ ịkpọ ewu ọkụ

 We want to burn off {the hair of} a goat


 Ana m eje ịkpọnye ọkụ a ga-eji mị azụ ndụ afụ

 I am going to build up the fire with which the fresh fish will be dried



  break {of something fragile, e.g. egg, bladder, eye}


 Akwa ị chọlụ isịị akpọgo

 The egg you want to boil has broken


 Ọ fọlụ nwantịntị ka o tikpọọ akwa m na-akwadebe isịị

 He almost broke the egg I am preparing to cook



 break {by itself}


 Akwa agbakpọgo

 The egg has broken {e.g. while being boiled}



 grind dry thing {not thoroughly}; break into splinters or pieces






  rub; pluck off


 kpọ ọka

 remove the grains from the ear of maize



 rub, pluck off grains from cob, etc.


 kpọsị ọka

 rub off grains from cob


 kpọ ụbọ

 play musical instrument {sanza, guitar, organ}


 kpọ aghala

  cause confusion, riot, tumult



  denoting thoroughness arising from repeated action


 gbakpọ ịzụ

 discuss very thoroughly, again


 Anyị gbakpọlụ izu agbakpọ

 We really had a thorough discussion


 Jee nụ gbakpọ izu

 Go and discuss it again



  curse; abuse


 kpọ iyịị

 curse; abuse


 Iwu na-akpọ m iyịị

 Iwu is cursing me



 reproach; abuse



 reproach; abuse



 abuse; reproach



  denoting thoroughness, proper performance


 Ji ada ekwe m iliị ma ọ bụlụ na o ghekpọrọ eghekpọ

 I can't eat yam if it is not thoroughly done


 Ọ na-agwa i Ada na nya chọlụ ka Ada gwekpọọ tanjele ọ na-egwe egwekpọ

 She is telling Ada to grind the galena stone that she is grinding very thoroughly



 shut; be shut



 shut; lock; turn {key}; imprison






 shut out or in


 Ụzọ akpọchịbịdogo m

 The door has shut against me


 Ị na-achọ ịkpochịbịdo m ụzọ

 Are you trying to shut the door against me? or Are you going to shut the door against me? or Are you going to lock me out {or in}?


 kpọchi ntị

 be deaf, stubborn {close ears to}


 mkpọchi ṅtị

 stubbornness; habitual disobedience {of young person}


 kpọchi mmiliị

 turn off {i.e. lock, shut} tap



 close; shut



 see kpo{kọ} {result of assimilation}



  roll {of objects; tụlụ}






 roll down



 roll across



 roll up {of an object that rolls}



 roll away, off


 Oloma naabọ akpọlepụgo

 Two oranges have rolled away


 tụ kpọm

 strike a hard surface; drip {= tụ pọm}



  no! {mba}






 fall in



 go in



  cover; put on, wear {something on head}





 kpụ akwa

 cover the body with cloth



 cover; cover up



 shut in or out; confine by shutting up


 kpụchi ọnụ

 hush; shut one's mouth



 cover up; shut up; shut; cover



 cover; use one thing to cover up another





 kpụ enu ụnọ

 roof a house



 uncover; reveal


 kpụ mmụọ

 put on a mask


 kpụ okpu

 put on, wear hat, cap


 kpụ okpu eze

 wear crown


 kpụ okpu ogwu

 wear crown of thorns



 uncover; take off {hat, cap, etc.}


 kpụpụ akwa

 take off coverlet


 kpụpụ okpu

 remove hat, cap, etc.






 obscuring {e.g. of sun}; cover, sit on {eggs}


 kpụ n'akwa

 sit on eggs; brood


 Ọ kụkọ m ebidogo ikpụ n'akwa ya

 My hen has started to sit on its eggs; overturn; capsize


 kpụ ekpụ

 capsize; upset; overturn; sink


 kpụ iru

 upset; overturn; turn upside down


 Ị chọlụ ikpụ ofe iru?

 Do you want to overturn the soup?


 kpụ ụgbọ

 capsize a boat; be blind


 kpụ ịsị

 be blind


 Ị kpụlụ ịsị?

 Are you blind?


 onye kpu lu ịsị

 blind person



  lose flavour; be without flavour and go sour {of ogịlị ofe}; become bad


 Ogili a kpụlụ ekpụ

 This ogịlị is sour


 kpụ okwu

 be plentiful {i.e. as common as okwu in a village}


 kpụkpụ aka

 motion with hands for silence


 O kpukpụlụ aka ọge m na-akwadebe ikwu ife ọ melụ

 He tried to silence me by gesturing with his hand when I was about to reveal what he had done



  stiffness; firmness


 Ọ bụ ụdị ọya gịnị ka Ọji na-aya afọ ya jị kwe kpukpulukpu?

 What disease is Ọjị suffering from that his abdomen is so stiff and distended?


 me kpukpulukpu

 become stiff, firm



  pull; draw



 pulling; drawing



 draw back; lead back {animals}



 pull down; move down



 draw; come nearer


 Achọlụ m ka ị kpụdebe ọkụ

 I want you to draw near the fire


 kpụdebe ṅso

 draw, come near



 draw, pull up



 draw, pull up



 lead together



 pull together; pack closely



 lead home together



 pull together {e.g. branches which have been cut}; compress; pack closely together



 pull away; pull away with rope, take, lead {of animals}


 Kedụ ụbọsị ị ga-abịa kpụlụ atụlụ gị?

 What day are you coming to take away your sheep?



 draw away; move further



 draw farther



 draw within, nearer



 draw up; pull up



 launch {a boat}


 kpụ ụkpụlụ

 mark, make trail {e.g. with the foot to mark out foundation}



 pull along {e.g. goat with rope round its neck}; pull oneself along without using legs; creep; shuffle; wriggle; glide {as snake}


 kpụ akpụ = kpụ

 Nwa m nwoke achọrọ igbe igbe, ọ bụ ọkpụkpụ ka o jị ike akpụ - My little boy does not want to creep; he is pushing himself forward on his buttocks


 Agwọ bụ ofu nime anụ na-akpụ akpụ

 The snake is one of the animals that move by gliding


 Afụlụ m onye oriị afụ oge ọ dalụ n'anị welụ afọ ya na-akpụ ka mmadụ welụ ghalụ ịfụ ya

 I saw the thief when he fell to the ground wriggling on his stomach in order to avoid being seen by people



 creep; glide, wriggle about



 contract in size {of something long and flexible, e.g. snake or worm, when it draws body together before expanding}



 creep, crawl, glide, pull into



 creep, crawl, glide forth, out



 creep, crawl, glide out {to the open}



 move aside


 Biko kpụrụkalụ m

 Please move aside from me {i.e. without using legs}



  mould; make, manufacture {iron materials like a blacksmith}



 moulding; making; manufacturing


 kpụ aja

 make mud wall


 kpụ egbe

 make a gun



 refashion; remake; alter


 kpụ mma

 manufacture cutlass


 kpụ ṅdele

 make track


 kpụ ụzụ

 work as blacksmith; make metal appliances in blacksmith's workshop


 ọkpụ ịte




  barb; shave



 barbing; shaving


 kpụ afụ ọnụ

 shave beard


 kpụ isi

 shave hair-of head


 Ana m eje ịkpụ isi

 I am going to cut my hair


 ọkpụ iịsi

 shaver; barber; ring-worm of the head {tinea capitis}


 ọkpụ iịsi eliị ngo

 ring-worm of the head {barber who receives no pay}



  hold, carry {in mouth}; sip


 kpụ nọnụ

 carry in the mouth; be actually, still speaking


 Akpụ m akụ nọnụ

 I am holding palm kernels in my mouth


 kpụ okwu nọnụ

 be still speaking; be speaking {e.g. as contribution to debate or speeches during meeting}


 Ụnụ emezina mkpọtụ maka na mmadụ kpụ okwu nọnụ

 Stop making a noise, because somebody is speaking {during meetings}


 kpụ ọkụ nọnụ

 be smoking a pipe, cigarette, etc. colloq.


 Ibe kpụ ọkụ nọnụ

 Ibe is smoking at present



  smooth; shave; plane; scrape off



 smoothing; shaving; scraping



 abrade; abrade by scraping or dragging rough object over the surface or skin


 Ị chọlụ ịkpụba m arụ?

 Do you want to scrape my skin off?



 smooth; plane; scrape



 scrape out



 scrape out completely


 kpụmụlị amụ

 smile, laugh, chuckle, in a gentle way {as a sign of pleasure}


 Oge a gwalụ Ibe na nwunye nwa nne ya amụgo ọ kpụmụlịa amụ

 When Ibe was informed that his brother's wife had delivered {a child} he smiled



 unroof; break up roof; be broken


 A ga-akpụkpọ ụnọ anyị ochiịe echi

 Our old house will be unroofed tomorrow



 unroof; break up roof; be broken










Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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