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Continuous Meaning














miss; misses; madam; ma'am {Da Odiaka - Madam Odiaka}



  warm; heat up


 da n'ọkụ

 warm {soup, etc.}


 da ọkụ

 brand; cauterize



 melt slowly



  press {cloth}



 press {cloth, to dry it}


 da anya

 shirk one's duty


 Ụ na-ada anya ọlụ

 He is shirking the work


 da ṅdamanya

 be lazy; malinger; loaf about



  fall; befall; occur; happen to {of something tragic}; suffer from; fail; set {of sun}


 Ọgụ dalụ

 A fight broke out


 Akụ mmili na-ada

 Hailstones are falling



 fall; fall of a great or rich person; failure


 ọdịda anyanwụ, ọdịda chi

 West; sunset


 da aba

 fall on the back


 da ada, ada

  fall; fall down {usually of persons}


 Ụ dalụ ada

 She fell down


 da aka

 lay hands on


 da akakpọ

 be stunted {of person}


 Ụ dalụ akakpọ

 He is stunted in growth


 da akwụkwụ

 have epilepsy; be epileptic; have epileptic fits



 fall in with; correspond; be in agreement with



 fall into; match; correspond



 support; rest back on



 lean upon



 fall off from {of part}



 lose all one's resources; be liquidated {business}; fail in all subjects {in exam}


 Ụlụ anyị ama-adachasị ṅcha

 Our business cannot fail completely



 fall across {so as to block}


 dachigha azụ

 fall back sideways; rebound horizontally; backslide {e.g. as child's progress}


 Ada mụ na-adachigha azụ n'akwụkwọ

 My eldest daughter is falling behind at school



 lean against; fall upon


 Nkwụ afụ dadolụ n'enu ụnọ

 That palmtree fell on top of the house



 fall across something, e.g. stream



 clear and open up as a result of a fall {e.g. of tree}



 fall heavily upon, so as to kill



 a fall of something heavy so as to kill; fall occasioning death {usually of another object but can be of object falling}


 ṅdagbu onwe

 death {by falling}



 toss about; be restless


 Oge ọ nwusịlị mmanya, ọ na-adaghalị

 When he had taken the palmwine, he started to fall about


 da ibi

 have hydrocele



 fall across and break:


 Ogbe ụkwa adajigo mkpọ

 A fruit of ụkwa has broken the walking stick.


 Mkpọ igwe m dajili n'utụtụ

 My steel walking-stick fell and snapped in the morning



 have a hole, hollow, groove {of wall}



 hollow place, groove {in wall, etc.}



 be in harmony with {sound together or fall together}





 dakọ ọnụ

 coincide; be in harmony



 fall against


 dakpo attack;

 fall upon {e.g. of house}



 fall upon violently; pounce upon {of people fighting}


 dakpọ arụ

 feel ill



 fall into ruins; fall down flat



 fall in


 David adakpugo n'ọnụ

 David has fallen into a hole



 fall upon



 fall on; befall


 Ụ dakwasilị ya

 It fell on him, or it befell him {of fate, etc.}





 dakwepụ amụ

 laugh loudly; burst out laughing



 fall short of what was expected


 dalụ aka

 take by the hand


 da mba

 be lazy; be exhausted, worn out, very tired


 da m kpụna

 have hernia


 da n'aka

 take by the hand



 fall off; slip off; fall from


 da ṅgwọlọ

 be lame


 da nra



 Fa ga-ada ya nra

 They will fine him {li nra}


 da n'ụkwụ

 happen in one's presence


 da ṅzuzo

 hide oneself



 give in; submit; fall into


 da obulubu

 fall upon one in a mass


 ṅda obulubu

 falling upon in a mass


 Fa bịakwutelụ ya na ṅda obulubu

 They came falling upon him in a mass


 da ogbenya

 be very poor


 da ogbi

 be dumb


 da obọ

 be idle {= dị ọbọ}


 da ọbụ

 fall into pit trap


 da ọkpụ aba

 fall on the back


 da ọma




 fall off {of whole, from a place}


 Akwụkwọ afụ adapugọ

 That paper has fallen off {e.g. the table}



 happen; occur unexpectedly


 ife ndaputa

 event; occurrence



 drop one by one


 Akwụ na-adasịsị

 Palm-nuts keep on falling


 da ubịa m

 be poor, a pauper



 fall and break



 fall against; sprinkle; scatter upon {as rain}


 mmili ṅda aro

 the first rain of the year



 support; stay; upholding:


 Ndabebe ụnọ a sili ike

 The supporting posts of this house are strong


 da ụda



 da ọnụ

  be expensive



  day by day; daily


 Ụ na-ekwu ife a daa

 He says this all the time


 kwa daa

 every day


 Anyị na-eme ya kwa daa

 We do it daily


 ụbosị daa

 every day; daily; day by day

 daa ke daa

 becca daa ke daa

 a famous Ghanaian hiplife song title by Becca. A beutiful song {I love this song} about... " How domestic voilence can kill you. Don't hide it Speak out before it's too late. No one deserves it" A 2 languages in one song - BECCA



  be quiet: calm, peaceful


 Ụ dajụgo

 It is quiet:


 Ụ dajụlụ adajụ

 It is very quiet



 calm; quiet; fringenuity;


 Ndajụ adụrọ ebe a

 There is no quiet here


 dajụ obi

 propitiate; appease; atone

da alu


well done



  thank you; a form of greeting


 daalụ nụ, daalụkwọ nụ

  a form of greeting {to more than one person in the same place}; I greet you all


 daalụ sọọ

 thank you very much!


 daalụ zị

 form of greeting used by a person leaving a place to the person he is leaving; daalụ zị nụ such a greeting directed to more than one person


 daalụ ọlụ

 salutation to those working



thank you

 daalu; imela

thank you



  sugar-ant {arụrụ ọcha}



  mark; write; press



 writing; pressing; marking


 de akwa

 iron clothes


 de akwụkwọ

 write letter


 ode akwụkwọ

 clerk; letter-writer



 write into



 erase; cancel



 write upon



 write incorrectly


 degalụ akwụkwọ, leta

 write {letter} to



 write more


 de leta

 write letter


 delụ akwụkwọ, leta

 write {letter} to; help to write a letter



 write in{to}; enter by writing; include



 write out; copy out


 Depụta ṅke

 a Copy this out





 deta leta

 write letter to the speaker



 lampoon; write against; libel


 de uli

 decorate the body with uli



  put; place



  appoint; place; take care of; keep; observe


 debe ọnụ duu

 be silent


 debe uche

 think; imagine


 delụ duu

 stop talking; remain silent


 de n'ile

 taste; place on the tongue


 detụ ọnụ




  sound; rumble


 de mmili

 threaten rain {with thundering}



 murmur; mutter; growl; grumble



 rumble; sound around



  see gi de



  be soft {as ripe fruit}; be soft and wet, soggy {as muddy ground, wet clothes}; dissolve in water {di de}


 de ṅde

 be sickly, delicate


 desị mmili

 drip {as of wet clothes}


 de ṅde


de de


big brother




 de-be, do-be


  stop {be}



 stop crying


 O bedebego ka ọ na-ebelịsị?

 Has she stopped {weeping} or is she still weeping?



 come to a stop


 Ebe a ka o jedebelụ

 It was here that he stopped

 de-be, do-be





 come nearer


 Bịadebe m

 Come nearer to me



 go, move nearer


 Jedebe ọkụ

 Go nearer the fire



  thank you!



  name of one of the founding fathers of one of the nine quarters of Onitsha; hence Ụmụdei, a village in Onitsha founded by him



 freeborn children; children of a king or chief


 An ideal husband


 di anyi

Used to address a man, or less often to refer to him, either where his name is unknown or by wives referring to their husband.

 di ji

farmer; one who successfully cultivates on land.


Strong or courageous person.

 di mkpa

Strong young man, one who could cultivate a large number of farm land with yams or cassava.

 di nta



 nwa di nta

 hunter's attendant


 di nwenu

 owner; master


 Dinwenu anyị, Dinwenu

  Our Lord; the Lord


 Jesu bụ Dinwenu anyị

 Jesu is our Lord


 di ochi

 palm wine tapper


 di ọkpa

 term of respectful address to men in general, esp. an elderly one; master


 di ọkpa



 di ọkpala

  first-born son; eldest man, and therefore priest, in a patrilineage


 la di

 have sexual intercourse {of woman}; be promiscuous, sexually loose {of woman}


 na be di

  {of woman just married} be married; go, return to husband's house; {in normal sense} go, return to husband or husband's house


 nụ di

 marry {of a woman}


 nwunye di

 co-wife; "mate"


 ọzọ dimgba




  endure; be patient


 dido obi

 be patient


 di edi



 Ị ga-edi ya edi

 You have to endure it


 di ṅdidi

 be patient



  native doctor; medicine man; a member of the professional corporate group of traditional medicine men and diviners


oracle player


pure herbalists medicine person


 dibịa afa

 a native doctor who specializes in divination

 dibia mmili

rain maker


 dibịa aja

 a dibịa who specializes in preparing the various sacrifices associated with the alụsị and the mmụọ


 dibịa ọgwụ

 medicine man who specializes in medical treatment


 nwa dibịa

 native doctor's attendant; native doctor



 continuously; persistently



 keep going on



 continue speaking



 continue standing



  soak; soften:


 Achịcha ị banyelụ na mmili n'ụtụtụ edidego

 The biscuit you steeped in water in the morning has become soft


 dide obi

 make to feel sick; cause nausea; yearn over; be affectionate {soften heart}


 {obi} dide

 feel sick; feel nausea


 Obi na-edide m

 I feel nausea


 obi ndide

 nausea {caused by indigestion}






  lie down; have sexual intercourse with; sleep with, a woman


 A na-edina

  {a man} sleeps with x {a woman}


 dinaji onu

 strain or crick the neck while sleeping


 Edinaji m onu

 I strained my neck while sleeping



 have sexual intercourse {lie together}


 dina mmakpu

 lie on the stomach


 dina aba

 sleep on the back


 dina nkọ

 lie on the side


 akwa edina


di ocha



di onu ani



dishonari beke


English dictionary



  be {in a state of}; have {a certain quality}



  appearance; likeness; being; form; shape; taking one's part, siding with


 Ọ dị egwu

 It is tragic, wonderful, marvellous:

 Ọ dị ịfele

 It is shameful


 Ọ dị n'iwu

 It is illegal



 Ife a i me ọ dị anyaa?

 This thing you did, how was it?


 dị anị

 be humble, low, of low estate, contemptible



 begin to live



 exist before


 Ọ dịbu adịbu

 It has been existing


 ọdịbu adịbu

 something {e.g. habit, custom} that has been existing for a long time






 be near


 Ụnọ nwoke afụ dịdebelụ ụnọ ọgwụ

 The man's house is near the hospital


 dị ebube

 be esteemed


 dị enu

 be out of reach



 exist; be well


 dị iche

 be different


 dị ike

 be able


 dị ime

 be pregnant


 dị ka seem probable, as if; resemble; look like



 Ụ dị m ka m fụlụ ya

 I imagined that I saw him


 Ụ dị ka ọ fụlụ mụ n'anya

 He seems to like me


 dị ka agasị

 be as if



 belong to



 remain; continue


 dị mkpa

 be necessary


 dị mma

 be good; please





 dị mma n'anya

 be a pleasant sight


 dị n'aka

 be responsible


 dị n'anya

 desire; wish


 dị ndụ

 live; be alive


 dị nkọ

 be sharp


 dị n'obi

 be dear to one; be in one's heart


 dị n'ofu

 be in agreement, at one


 Bịanụ ka anyị dị n'ofu

 Come and let us agree together


 dị nsọ

 be holy, separate


 dị ṅzuzo

 be secret


 dị nwaayọ

 be meek, calm, quiet, humble


 Ọ dị nwaayọ

 She is gentle



 side with


 dị oke ọnụ

 be dear, expensive


 dị okilikili

 be round


 dị ọbọ

 be idle, lazy {= da ọbọ}


 dị ọcha

 be pure, clean



 purity; cleanness


 dị ọgọ

 be grateful, polite, modest, well-behaved, courteous, nicelooking


 dị ọkọlọkọlọ

 be round in shape



 get better; recover from illness


 dị uchu

 be industrious, diligent


 dị ụfụ

 be painful, distressing


 dị ụjọ

 be cowardly; fear


 dị walala

 be narrow


 dịwanye mma



 arụ ike na ọdịmma

 {good and} well-being


 ọ dị ka

 probably; it looks as though, if






  probably originates from dị, in Onitsha used only in the negative; it marks the progressive or habitual negative verb forms


 Chike adị-abịa

 {So} Chike is not coming/does not usually come


 Nkịta adị ata ọjị

 Dogs never eat kolanuts


 adị ama ama

 perhaps; maybe; in case {one never knows}

 dịnwọọ, dịọọ


  this {emphatic}


 Amarọ m ife dịnwọọ

 I do not know this thing






  set up; make; place; arrange


 Ka anyị doo ife a edoo

 Let us arrange this thing properly


 do Agbala

 perform routine sacrifice to the god Agbala


 do aja

 build a wall


 aja odido



 do aja

 place object{s} of sacrifice in a place


 do akanya

 make thatch


 do alusị

 erect a shrine


 do anị

 settle a country; establish place



 kill or spoil by placing



 change; change place of; re-arrange; reverse; turn {something} round



 change place


 do iru

 face; turn face to incline towards


 do iyi

 place an object or objects, as charm or something obnoxious, on property in the belief that the charm will bring evil on a person who defies the charm and steals the property; protect an object by a fetish



  make peace; settle quarrel; arrange; decorate


 dolu anị

 put down


 dolu arụ anị

 take things quietly



 set up; build up


 do nsọ




 arrange; prepare; settle; repair


 dozi anị

 remove pollution from a community


 dozi okwu

 settle a case



  against; fast {in, on} {implies continuity; do}



 hold firm {with fingers or claws}



 hold up; waylay; intercept {lit. run to a halt against}



 stand firm


 Otu anyị akwụdosigo ike

 Our club is now on a firm basis



 stick to


 Ọ gịni mado gị n'agba?

 What is sticking to your jaw?



 sit on, against


 Ị nọdo m n'ụkwụ

 You are sitting on my foot



 grip with teeth


 Arụrụ tado gị na ntị

 An ant has got its pincers into your ear



  be clear, settled, shady; settle, become clear {of liquids}


 do anya

 be clear


 Ife a do m anya

 This thing is clear to me


 do arụ

  recuperate; get stout


 do edo

 be clear {of liquids}


 do ṅdo

 be shady {of place}



dollars (American dollars)



  quiet; calm; in an orderly, quiet manner


 Ebe a dị doo

 It is quiet here



  draw; pull





 dọ aka na ntị

 advise; warn


 dọ akpịlị

 long after



 break off {leaves or stalks of a plant}



 break off by pulling


 dọchigha azụ

 give a setback to; retard


 ndọchigha azụ



 Ṅke a bụ ndọchịgha azụ

 This is a setback



 hold fast


 dọ dọọnịdo, dọọlịdo

  pull against one another; have a tug-of-war



 pull crooked or wrongly






 change position of something



 reverse; changing of position {of something by somebody}



 be torn; tear



 tearing; rending


 dọka akwụkwọ

 dismiss a case {tear paper}


 dọka anụ

 tear, rend {flesh}



 tear from and take



 tear in pieces



 tear to pieces; to torn to pieces



 pull together



 drag; draw; pull along {e.g. goat with rope round its neck}



 draw out; pluck out forcibly



 tear into pieces



 tearing into pieces



 attract; convey


 dọ mbọ

 tear with nails


 dọ mma ọdụ

 saw a piece of timber by pulling {this is usually done by two people - one in a pit across which the timber is laid, and the other at ground-level}


 dọ n'agha

 take prisoner in war


 ọdịdọ n'agha

 captivity as result of war


 dọ ndọ

 persist; haggle; bargain; have a tug-of-war


 dọ ṅdudọ

 argue; draw out a discussion


 odọ ṅdudọ

 argumentative, difficult, disagreeable person; fretful, testy child



 wrinkle; be wrinkled {used for a material which has been stretched beyond its elastic limit, and then relaxed}





 dọ nki

 cut a face mark


 dọ ntị

 warn; admonish; exhort { dọ aka na ntị}



 draw out



 draw out; pull out; rescue



 pull apart or into pieces



 pull after



 be extended; extend


 dọtị ụta

 draw a bow {ready to shoot}






 rend, tear {of cloth, not flesh}



  stay; place



 put down, set down


 dọlụ adọlụ

 remain; be left over; be stagnant {of water}


 dọlụ kilili

 be round, spherical {as a ball}


 dọnọ, dọ n'anị

 sit down



 sit around



 lay in; put into


 dọ ọdọ

 sit down {in speaking to children}


 Nne m na-adọ n'ọdụ akwa maka na ọ na-ebu akwa

 My mother usually sits at the cloth stall because she deals in clothes




 dọon? ịdọ, dọọlịdọ







 gba dotị

 shoot catapult


 Dotị ka o jili gbagbu nnụnụ afụ

 It was a catapult that he killed the bird with



  dirt; filth {coll., dirty}


 lu dotị

 be dirty, filthy


 Thomas na-elu dotị

 Thomas is usually dirty




 nwa di nta

hunter's child

 di nwenu

Owner; master

 Dinwenu anyi, Dinwenu

Our Lord; the Lord {Jesu bu Dinwenu anyi - Jesus is our Lord}

 di ochi

Palm or Raffia wine tapper

 di okpa

Term used to address to men in general, esp. an elderly one; master. Ibusa used this to address head of kins men.

 di okpa

cock (of male chicken)

 di okpala

First born son; elderst man, as in patrilineage

 la di

Have sexual intercourse (of woman); be promiscuous, sexually loose (of woman)

 na be di

go; return to husband's house; of woman just married; be married

 nu di

marry of a woman

 nwunye di

co-wife; mate as being married within kins man

 ozo dimgba


 dido obi

Endure; be patient

 di edi

Endure; {I ga edi ya edi - You have to endure it}

 di ndidi

Be patient



  lead; accompany



 leading; guidance


 du aka




 introduce; lead in, into






 seduce; lead astray








 Dukọta ndi agha afụ maka nnene

 Muster the troops for inspection



 accompany; seduce



 lead; escort home


 du onye isi

 lead a blind person



 lead out; accompany; escort; push off a boat



 lead a little way


 kpa ṅdu

 walk together; be companions; escort



  put out {roots, shoots}


 du anaka

 put out shoots, suckers



 take root



  first; beforehand; precede {godu, and perhaps du}



 bring first {something capable of self-movement}



 bring first {i.e. bring something before doing something else, or before doing something else to the thing brought}


 Wetadu ya tupu ị tọghee ya

 Bring it first before you open it



 be in a dull state


 gbaduba iru

 be morose, sulky, downcast


 Gịni melụ nị ji gbaduba iru?

 Why are you sulky?



 remain in dull uncheerful state; be dull and sad


 Amarọ m ife melụ Okeeke o ji wee kpọdulu n'ụnọ jụ na nya ama eje akwụkwọ

 I don't know what happened to Okeeke to make him stay dull at home and refuse to go to school



 quant. all; the whole { niine, which is the common Onitsha form}


 ife dum

 all things


 mgbe dum

 always; at all times; in perpetuity {mgbe niine}



 still; quiet


 debe ọnụ duu

 be silent


 delụ duu

 stop talking


 gba duu

 keep silence; refrain from answering; endure, tolerate


 tọgbọ duu

 lie still; lie down softly {gba duu}



  marks interrogative


 Gịnị dụ bụ ṅke a?

 What is this?


 Gịnị kwọ bụdụ ṅke a?

 What is this again?



  prick; pierce; sew



 pricking; piercing; sewing


 dụ aka







 sew together


 dụmi ụnọ

  construct framework of roof before thatching or fixing the sheets


 ndụmi {ụno}

 roof framework before thatching or fixing the sheets


 dụ ọfọlọ




  regurgitate; vomit {gbọ}


 dụ adụ



 dụ ubili



 dụ ukolo



 dụ isi

 swear one's innocence by a deity



  advise; give advice


 dụ ọdụ, ọdụ

 advise; give advice



 plant {the stem, cutting of stem or branch, of a plant}




Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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Kwado Ndi Igbo

A Practical Approach to Ibo Dictionary

Comprehensive Dictionary Igbo Language

The IgboEnglish.com is always a work-in-progress website. Each new day brings to mind a new word or phrase; or a better understanding of an existing entry.

As you can see the work of compiling a comprehensive English to Igbo dictionary of Igbo language will, therefore, never ever end.

It is our intentions and hope that this Igbo dictionary will serve as the basis for even better, more accurate, and more comprehensive record of the word hoard of the IBO Language Translation.

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